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Colorado Transparency Project is a non-profit focused on providing more transparency in government across our state.

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Colorado Secretary of State Griswold Punches Back Against Transparency

Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold is getting raked over the coals for refusing to release documents related to the controversial National Popular Vote bill. Recently, Free Beacon reporter Todd Shepherd requested documents under Colorado Open Records laws, Griswold chose to pick and choose what to turn over using the “work product” carve out of Colorado’s Open Records laws as her excuse. 

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Former Glenwood Springs Mayor Calls Women the Worst Word You Could Call a Woman…Yes, that word.

As the level of public discourse reaches the bottom nationally, Coloradans still have some hope of working together and solving problems at the local level. But that’s not always the case. As a reader has pointed out to us, it appears former Glenwood Springs Mayor and President of the Glenwood Springs Citizens Alliance, Leo McKinney, took to Twitter recently to calling women the worst word you could call a woman.

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Planned Parenthood PAC Edited Secretary of State Griswold Press Release

A win for government transparency last week resulted in a media firestorm for Colorado Secretary of State Jenna Griswold and Planned Parenthood. As was first reported by 9News in Denver, the office of the Secretary of State was found to have asked officials at Planned Parenthood to provide suggestions and edits to a press release touting Griswold’s recent decision to ban all travel from her office to Alabama.

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