Former Glenwood Springs Mayor Calls Women the Worst Word You Could Call a Woman…Yes, that word.

June 10, 2019

As the level of public discourse reaches the bottom nationally, Coloradans still have some hope of working together and solving problems at the local level. But that’s not always the case. As a reader has pointed out to us, it appears former Glenwood Springs Mayor and President of the Glenwood Springs Citizens Alliance, Leo McKinney, took to Twitter recently to calling women the worst word you could call a woman.

A tip sent into The Colorado Transparency project noted a tweet from McKinney, wherein this specific instance, McKinney calls the U.S. Secretary of Education that word:

According to the Glenwood Springs Citizen’s Alliance webpage, McKinney is currently the President of the organization. At the time of publication, no member of the organization has condemned McKinney’s use of the word on any social media platform or anywhere on their website and they have not said whether or not he will be fired from his role as President.

Aspen Ski Company, who previously donated to GSCA has so far been silent on McKinney’s abusive and offensive language and it remains unclear if they will ask for their donation back or for McKinney to leave the organization.

While Aspen Ski Co is one of the biggest supporters Multiple other businesses that have allowed their logos to be published on the GSCA website including Tramway Engineering LTD, Matthew L. Goodstein MD, and High Country Engineering among others. Are these companies unaware of this, or have they decided to turn a blind eye, giving their tacit approval to hate speech against women?

It’s inexcusable when our community’s leaders behave this way, they should be held accountable. Business and political leaders should set the example for the Glenwood Springs community, it’s time for accountability on both sides of the aisle. 

McKinney previously served as the Mayor of Glenwood Springs and as we reported in a recent post, could possibly be a business partner with Steve Beckley in the Holly Quarry Mine redevelopment project. Beckley also has not condemned McKinney for his derogatory statements against women.

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